Caring for your artwork


 Keep out of direct sunlight

 Do not store or hang near radiators

 Never clean paintings or prints using solvents, water or abrasives

 Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. Ideally keep between 4 and 40 Celsius and below 55% humidity

 Do not store or hang in areas of moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens

 Lightly apply clean, soft, cotton cloths to remove dirt and dust. For paintings use cloth in direction of brushstrokes

 Store paintings upright in a cool dry location. For transporting paintings use acid free paper, or similar, to protect the surface. Ensure adhesives do not make contact with surface

 If applicable, lightly tap the stretcher wedges gently and evenly to regain canvas tension

 Avoid spraying air fresheners in close proximity to paintings

 Prints should always be handled carefully at edges with clean/dry hands...ideally gloved and/or by professional framers

 Never pin, tack or use gum agents to hang prints. We recommend museum quality frames with UV glass for protection. Never have print touching the glass