In addition to the artwork being signed and monogrammed by the artist...each Limited Edition Giclee Print is issued with a numbered, dated & signed Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing the archival validity of the fine art print or painting. The artwork title, artist name, copyright owner, print image size and media are also listed on the document.



Only Guild members can participate in the ArtSure scheme...Redcliffe Imaging

Each Guild member has pledged to abide by the Guild's code of ethics. This means that collectors can be confident of the ArtSure scheme's integrity at every stage.

Each participating Guild member has a participant's number. Each print edition has an ArtSure registration number related to it. This might be on the edge of the print, on the Certificate of Authenticity, on a label, on a leaflet or on the participant's website.

What quality standards do ArtSure inks and papers have to meet?

The Guild's print quality standards are tried and tested, having been established for many years. Those standards remain exactly the same for digital prints within the ArtSure scheme.

Inks must score 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale, or its equivalent, under empirical test conditions. Papers must have a pH reading between 7 and 9 and with a minimum weight of 250gsm.

Does ArtSure offer a guarantee against print fading?

No. No one can offer such a guarantee, as the conditions for display or storage of any print can vary so much. ArtSure retailer participants will offer expert advice on how to minimise the risk of fading.

This includes quality framing, the use of speciality glass in the frame, hanging away from sunlight, suitable lighting, levels of humidity and more.